Our next project!

What are we up to?

Here we go again!

Yes! We have another project in the pipeline, a wonderful old country house in the northern part of Umbria. We are taking care of the pre-construction planning, bureaucracy and so on and hope to be able to classify this one as “work in progress” before too long! Follow us also on social media for pictures, videos, stories and other up-dates.

This house has been long since abandoned yet, with its quaintly painted doors it seems to have awaited patiently for the future to happen. Confident for its new owners to discover it. Sitting in a dominant yet sheltered position it used to be part of a large agricultural enterprise. The owners will have us create their residence here, carefully preserving the authenticity, the atmosphere, the unique character, while transforming it into a place with modern comfort and a habour for the dreams they carry with them.
It is precisely that human aspect what makes us cherish our work so much. Preserving, discovering, changing yet enhancing what is there, for people, to create a home, to help continue local history and to start a new adventure.