Meet Our Team

Meet our brilliant minds
Andrea Brunetti
Geometra and Contractor

Andrea is the head of the Renovating in Umbria group. From client contacts to design, contractor work and after sales assistance, Andrea is right there.

Fabbrizio Pierelli

Fabrizio and his team take care of all electrical circuits and gladly provide sounds advice for a light plan to enhance your project, both inside and out.

Massimo Bartocetti

Together with Mauro Baglioni he takes care of all heating, cooling and other plumbing jobs, for private homes as well as commercial projects.

Mauro Baglioni

Mauro and Massimo use only the best system provides by Daikin and Rotex, install solar panels and take care of all plumbing work needed, inside and outdoors.

Luciano Pascolini

Together with Giuliano and their team he will surprise you with hand made furniture, tailors made doors and windows, custom made items and all high quality.

Giuliano Pascolini

Advice on maintenance and products, creative input, whether for doors, windows, shelves, bathrooms or an entire kitchen, these brothers do the job right.

Mariano Rocchi
Pool construction

For any type or design of pool, in a private setting or hospitality business, this is the right address to order your pool: years of experience and stunning results.

Fausto Rocchi
Pool construction

Fausto and Mariano know exactly how to translate your wishes into a dream coming true while at the same time working with all the right materials and regulations.

Michela Ceccarelli
Landscaping architect

As owner of nursery Ceccarelli and experienced designer Michela has all the tools and know-how to create a beautiful and enchanting setting for your new home and pool.

Maurizio Toppetti

Custom made doors, windows, arches, handrails, gates, furniture and more! Maurizio can provide any object in any style or design you could possibly need.

Various crews

Of course we have several building crews available, great and skilled people, equally passionate and caring about their work and your home.

Caroline van Agteren
Client contact

With a background in law and hospitality, experience in renovating and as certified real estate agent Caroline is a skilled and understanding guide.

Enzo Masciolini
Electro technician

Whether you need a generator, heavy duty tools, pumps, garden tools, maintenance or repair, Enzo and his team are readily available and represent all well known brands in the business.

Carlo Riboni
Web solutions

For high tech features like on-line live camera surveillance of your property from anywhere in the world Carlo is the one to turn to. As part of the maricom group being connected is the new normal.

Giorgio Paoletti
Earth moving

Do you have a job to be done that includes earth moving. landscaping, digging, road work, fencing, or transportation? Giorgio and his company take care of everything.

Sergio Trentini

As an agronomist Sergio is an expert on cultivating and the use of crops. He also works as a liaison for bureautic procedures of the local government as well as for obtaining E.U. subsidies.


Mario supplies glass for doors, floors, windows, shower, furniture, custom objects and where-ever else needed. All high quality and of course according to safety standards.