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To provide all of our clients with the best possible service and setup of their property in Italy we have chosen a selective group of partners to work with. These are excellent local companies and individual professionals with whom we already have a long standing business relationship, people that we trust and recommend!

Real estate 

Verdandi S.A.S.
Voc. CHiucena 3, Collelungo, TR
+39 0744 190 6592, www.buyingpropertyinumbria.com
Caroline van Agteren, speaks Dutch, English, Italian, caroline@buyingpropertyinumbria.com
Cel. +39 329 244 7985


Antonini & Partners
Via Briganti 77, 060127 Perugia, PG
Via Ponterio 3/4, 06059 Todi, PG
+39 075 500 2972, www.antonini-insurance.com
Simona Ortica, speaks Italian and English, simona.ortica@antonini-insurance.com
Giovanni Rossi, speaks Italian and Dutch, giovanni.rosi@antonini-insurance.com


Studio notarile Dr. Marco Carbonari
Via M. Angeloni 57
06124 Perugia PG
Phone: +39 075 500 9502

Studio notarile Dr. Fabio Arrivi
Via Tiberina 71
Ponte Rio, 06059 TOdi (PG)
Phone: +39 075 89 87410


Studio legale Aguglia
Via Cesarei, 4
06124 Perugia (PG)
Phone: +39 075 573 2026