Winery and private home

General job description

For this project we started with a on a hilltop surrounded by vineyards. Our goal was to create a professional cantina and private residence combining traditional with contemporary. Below a brief  overview:


  • rebuild while leaving part of the old walls in tact
  • design
  • foundations
  • consolidation original wall
  • complete construction of home


  • from foundations and up
  • barrel room for wooden cegs
  • space for tanks
  • tasting room
  • office space
  • work space


  • placing of cesspool
  • trenches for electricity and water
  • landscaping
  • water drainage works
  • pumps and logistics for water supply
  • terrace

Villa delle Chitarre 4

The roof beams are awaiting the bricks, the top floor bedrooms take shape, the staircase has gone, and the vault from the cantina is now visible from....above! Lot's of things are going on, follow us on facebook and instagram for frequent updates! Villa delle Chitarre 4

Villa delle Chitarre 3

It's not always easy getting in to even our own renovation site! But when we get in we can chat with some of the guys, explain what we will do with the roof and enjoy lot of noice. Follow us on facebook and instagram for frequent updates! Villa delle Chitarre 3

Villa delle Chitarre 2

Our first look on the inside, Caroline will guide you through the spaces with candles and dust and we will meet the workers digging around in the cantina area of the house. Follow us on facebook and instagram for frequent updates! Villa delle Chitarre 2

Vini Ventisei – 6

The cantina doors are installed, progress for walls and bathrooms and more plumbing work being done. Check it out! Vini Ventisei - 6

Vini Ventisei – 5

An exciting day as the floor in the cantina is being made as well as the outside terrace and walkway around the building! Vini Ventisei - 5

Vini Ventisei – 4

The cantina bathroom, floor cooling and heating preparations, water valves, kitchen work, and we're finishing the stairs! Vini Ventisei - 4

Vini Ventisei – 3

Lot's of work being done by the plumbers, digging dust and noise in the cantina and bathrooms! A large beam has been added to the kitchen. Vini Ventisei - 1

Vini Ventisei – 2

The electricians are at work! We explain how it works when you change your mind about a window and show the future sleeping quarters. Vini Ventisei - 2

Vini Ventisei – 1

In this first video we will give a quick tour of the ground floor and we will introduce some of our really great construction people! Vini Ventisei - 1


Project: Renovating & construction of home and winery
Gross renovation Area: 450 sq m
Duration: 2 Year
When: 2014 - 2016
Remarks: Fully functional winery!



  • Assuming responsibility for construction means, methods, sequencing and procedures
  • Providing cost, quality, inventory control transparency, monitoring and reporting
  • Holding on-going project meetings with client and trades to monitor job progress
  • Scheduling, delivery, receipt and proper storage of all long lead systems and materials.
  • Coordination with municipal authorities, governmental agencies, and utility companies
  • Developing a community relations program